• Caitlyn T

Spotlight on Pelvic Floor Problems: Endometriosis

This particular “spotlight” is perhaps a bit more involved than the brief overview of a condition I typically provide in a blog post on this site. However, if you’re looking to learn all you could ever want to know (and more!) about endometriosis, this is your article!

I am working with the wonderful organization to develop and publish a series called “Pelvis Problems” to help teens and young adults learn more about various medical conditions and related problems that could affect their health. The first article in this series is an in-depth primer on a condition that affects 1 in 10 people born with vaginas worldwide: endometriosis, or “endo” for short. While the piece is targeted to young people, much of the information it contains pertains to people of all ages who are living with endo.

Endo is a very common condition, but it is unfortunately still incompletely understood and therefore often under-treated. As such, I thought it deserved a deep dive: I learned a lot myself while researching and writing the piece, and it’s my hope that you’ll find its information helpful and enlightening. Head on over to Scarleteen’s website to check it out here!

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